Monday, October 22, 2007

This is the YouTube video...

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SocietyVs said...

I watched it before - I am neither sure how much of that is actually true (and by that I mean the statistics in the intro). If we follow that logic to it's inevitable conclusion then I guess being a Christian gives me 75% of a chance of going to jail? What's next they gonna look into statistics in black communities and make the same conclusion? Or First Nations communities like my own? Will we be deemed dangerous or harmful based on statistics? That's some scary logic all around.

I also have a problem with their attacks on Christianity (however they do include the Tanakh in the video so I best let someone in Judaism answer that) - not that they are all together wrong - but that what I know about this faith and what that represents are to different poles on the planet. Plus it is pretty generalized to say the least.

But I think they nake a good point in that anyone can do 'good' of others - that does not concern someone's faith or declaration of no faith. I can admire that - it seems very plausible. If all they want is my respect (atheist community) - well they have it.

How Seth Green is important in all of this - only time will tell (lol).

Slapdash said...

What did you see as the attacks on Christianity - the stats? Selective, yes. Or something else? Sorry, I'm going on memory right now - I'm preoccupied with my dumb break-in.

For me the most compelling thing is the stat that I first saw in a Newsweek or Time that an atheist has like zero chance of being elected president. I have a vague memory that only child molesters and Muslims rank lower than an atheist in terms of electability. That, to me, is astounding and speaks to the enormous and erroneous negative stereotypes people have about atheists.

I'm with you about Seth Green!!