Thursday, January 03, 2008

Songs 4 Worship

Weird! I'm watching Forrest Gump on cable and a commercial came on for a 3-CD set of the "greatest worship songs of all time." It was so surreal - I could sing along to 90% of the titles, and I very nearly picked up the phone to order my own copy for $9.95.

I don't know what to make of that urge.


jennypo said...

Had to laugh at this. I grew up listening to (and loathing) my Dad's favorite music, old country - Jim Reeves et al. When I left home, that was one thing I very happily left behind, until my third year in university, when it suddenly took on nostalgic value. I found myself listening to Jim Reeves in the music store. It reminded me of a less-complicated time. No doubt your life, too, was less complicated before you started asking questions.

jON said...

well, first of all it's just a fantastic deal. 3 cds for $9.95? you almost need to buy it on principle. but add to that, it can give you a strong sense of positive nostalgia for a time in your life that has recently fraught you with pain. (good word, fraught...)

because really, no matter how cheesy you need to say some of those songs are in order to save face in front of the cool kids, there were probably a number of songs that can bring back powerful moments of worship that you shared with that beautiful, intagible, something. those pure moments that kept you coming back before you got more caught up in the politics of "being in church" as opposed to just growing together in that beautiful spirit and doing more things centered around that.

which is why you left that place to find a new place where that playful and pure spirit could reign free again, right?

(sorry. word vomit. it happens to me sometimes...)

Nate said...

Fruaght, how old are you anyway? 85 or something. Then again I used Hogwash so who am I to judge.

I love singing those songs. I almost bught it too. They make me feel warm and fuzzy. I like that.

PS-I am Jon's brother

Valorosa said...

LOL I think it is older than 85 ... like maybe a few centuries old :-)

I agree, a good deal. I would just wonder about the quality ... don't like fuzzy music.

Zeke said...

I really feel like I must be the odd person out... I never could stand worship music. There were times--many, many times--when, "captured by the Spirit," some worship team leader would keep repeating the chorus over and over again, and I'd find myself begging for it all to end. Just. Freaking. Awful.