Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Oh, my poor, dormant blog...!

What an eventful year-plus it has been since my last entry. The headlines:
  • I am engaged to a fantastic man and we're getting married in October. :)
  • I am still, well, I suppose "agnostic" is the best description.
  • My fiance is not agnostic, though he would say he's a "deist" more than a Christian.
  • We are having a Jewish chaplain friend of his marry us. We haven't told our parents yet (mine: Protestant; his: Catholic).
  • We are trying to figure out how to tell my mom that we are moving into our newly-purchased condo together next month - before the wedding.
  • Five weeks ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, which sucks of course, and also makes telling her about our impending "living in sin" that much harder.
I still occasionally check out the de-Conversion blog, but it doesn't hold the same interest that it did a couple of years ago. For the most part, I have settled into a pleasant way of "being" that is not concerned with the existence or nature of god. To be sure, I get irritable and grouchy when I feel pressured by people of faith to think, do, or "be" differently, but those episodes are few and far between these days.

That said, when my fiance and I start a family, we will have to think through what we want to teach our children, and how we will handle it when one or both sets of grandparents wishes to impart their faith systems to their grandkids. But...one thing at a time!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Slapdash! It's good to hear that you're in a good place.

I have a book recommendation about how to navigate the waters of non-believing parenthood with grandparents who believe. Dale McGowan's Parenting Beyond Belief has some of the most sensible advice I've ever heard. Have you heard of his book?

Anonymous said...

Hey Slapdash! E Blogger is not letting me post via open Id under wordpress, but it's me, notabarbie from "Blinders Off!"
Congrats on the engagement, my condolences in regard to your mom's health issue. Breast cancer sucks and I empathize with your dilemma in telling her about your impending "living in sin."

It's really good to hear about where you are in your journey. I think it's a healthy place to be. I too find myself visiting the blogs, I used to frequent, less and less. I'm in a much stronger place now, although I feel the need to continue to write more for others now, and that feels good as well. I look forward to hearing how everything works out for you. Keep writing!

Zoe said...

Slapdash...good to hear your update! :-)

Best wishes all around and I think Jonathan's recommendation is a good one.

I too am sorry about your mom.

(((hugs for you all))) as you go forward in your lives.

grasshopper said...

Hi there! I've been clicking around and arrived at your "sex entry" post quite by accident. I related to it a lot, but since it was so old, didn't think I'd bother leaving a comment there. Thus, this off topic comment.

I also grew up as a fundamentalist christian. As a result, I was 26 by the time I figured out that I wasn't interested in men. I'm currently living with my partner far away from my family, and nearly all ties with the church have been severed. It's a hard road away from the church, and hard to deal with religious parents.

Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you all the best.